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Western Star 4900SF


With 50 years of history, we’ve had our share of ground-breaking models. But none has stood the test of time like the 4900. Whether you’re looking for a truck to handle business on the highway or off, there’s few out there to match the power, dependability and durability of the Western Star 4900.

Starting with our spacious all-steel cab and built with an incredible array of rugged, long-lasting components, each 4900 delivers incredible value as easily as it does on-the-job performance. But keep reading and find out how a new 4900 can help your business perform well into the black.


Model 4900SF
Cab Size
Sleeper Size
Engine DD16
Transmission 18918A
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Paint Formula
Cab Color Count | Main Color

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Type: New
Brand: Western Star
Year: 2017
Location: Timmins
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