Western Star 4900SF

This truck was sold at our Timmins location

With 50 years of history, we’ve had our share of ground-breaking models. But none has stood the test of time like the 4900. Whether you’re looking for a truck to handle business on the highway or off, there’s few out there to match the power, dependability and durability of the Western Star 4900.

Starting with our spacious all-steel cab and built with an incredible array of rugged, long-lasting components, each 4900 delivers incredible value as easily as it does on-the-job performance. But keep reading and find out how a new 4900 can help your business perform well into the black.


Model 4900SF
Cab Size 123
Sleeper Size 48
Engine DD16
Transmission 18918A
Suspension FA246000
Front Axle MBA14K
Rear Axle RT46-410
Key Code D810
Paint Formula
Cab Color Count | Main Color 3 | WHITE & GREEN

  • Certified
  • Double Door Seals
  • Forged Steel Door Hinges
  • Grade 8 Frame Fasteners
  • Highway Tested
  • Large Opening Doors
  • New Truck
  • Safety Enhancements
  • Threaded Spring Pins
Type: New
Brand: Western Star
Year: 2017
Location: Timmins

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